Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Loosing Babyboy

We lost our Precious Bassethound on June 28,2008
One of the hardest things in life is having something taken from you that you love with all your heart.I believe I have went through that to many times in life.The emotional feeling's I went through was almost unbearable. My family suffered ,I suffered .For months on end we just couldn't not believe this could happen. I think what most shocked us was the fact he was so guarded all the time.
Its been almost two years but I still haven't forgotten that day. I will be writing more about our story ,This is a new blog I created just so I could share this all with you.
It has been a journey there has been up's & down's & boy has it been a ride.I have been asked many times to write a book about our story & experience ,I cant do a book but I will share with you here.

Terri tells all ,In my next coming blog about babyboy.


Bailey said...

I can't imagine what pain you've gone through. I've lost pets before, but never through an act of cruelty. If even to lose one of my special little girls in the future through natural causes, I would be devastated. You've taken something so tragic and turned it into an unstoppable force for the better.

Terri Davis said...
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Terri Davis said...

Thank you so much Baily that is so kind of you.Thank you for coming to my new blog.I will be posting a lot more story's about what all we went through to get justice. It was truly devastating.