Members from all over the world have joined 

Calling all Animal lovers across the globe please take a stand against animal 

abuse .Show your support for animal rights and against animal abuse by

 supporting this cause and dont forget to join our cause page with over 210,000

 members and growing daily.To go purple just change your default photo to a 

purple one this will show others you are taking a stand against animal 


Official week is June 24-30 

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Our "Turn Facebook Purple For 1 Week to Raise Awareness

Against Animal Abuse" Cause on Jan. 1,2012 reached 60,000

 members by Feb1,2012 we reached 160,000 members 

and on March 9,2012 we have over 219,625 MEMBERS

May 14,2012 ~ 242,801

We have had many questions on how to turn purple well its real simple. You 

just use a purple default photo. Facebook does not give members the option to 

change the colors of our page I wish they would but still havent. Maybe one day

 when we reach a million members they will but for now all we can do is hope.

My goal when I created this cause was to inform people of the thousands of animals dying 

in shelters all across America. The rescues that pull these animals to save their life before 

they are killed take on a huge responsibility when they rely on the puplic for funding to feed

 these animals until they can be adopted. But there is something you can do to help. Its not

 all about giving money. You can foster these animals because rescues are always looking 

for dedicated people to give a pet a temperary place until they go to their forever family.


Dont think just because you are one that you can't 

move mountians because its


 Thank you all for joining the Turning Purple Campaign



antigovbtch said...

Only you can be their voice! So speak loudly and speak strong!

antigovbtch said...

Be their voice! Speak strong and loud, so that the gov hears what the animals are saying!