Thursday, June 17, 2010

60,000 barrels equals about 2,400,000 gallons times 60 days equals 144,000,000 gallons of oil in the Gulf of Mexico

As you can clearly see by this
satellite photo taken by NASA on June 12, the oil spill is now larger than the
entire state of Florida. And this is only what appears on the surface. It looks
like a big smear of Vaseline across hundreds of miles of ocean. BP has been
using chemical dispersants that keep most of the oil under
 the water, so the
actual spill is much greater than this. The manmade volcano has not stopped, in
fact it has doubled in size. They can't stop it because the pipe has ruptured
under the sea bed and if they plug it up, it will completely burst down
there—that is why they are forced to keep it flowing to a ship above. But they
can't keep it flowing because hurricane season is about to get ugly. There are
also high levels of toxic gasses in the air over the ocean of oil. Another
problem is that the oil and mud that is shooting up under high pressure is bringing
rocks and other debris up with it, which is literally sandblasting the
underground pipe. Sooner or later the entire pipe will collapse with the damage
being done, and then we will have free flowing oil from the sea floor. We know
this and BP knows this, yet they acted as if business was as usual during the
Congressional hearing. When the free
flow starts, the oil will erode the rock, and the hole will become bigger and
bigger, releasing more oil. There will be no way to stop or contain that. It
will gush and gush for a couple of years until the pressure in the well
neutralizes. All of this was caused because BP was too cheap to put a $500,000
fail-safe mechanism in place. The sooner Americans and indeed the people of the
world realize the extent of this catastrophe, the sooner we can prepare
ourselves for life without the ocean.

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