Monday, June 28, 2010

Witness and Former Bp Volunteer says work of cleaning the beaches was all cosmetic.

Thousands of people are fighting for the life of the Gulf. What will it take to clean it up?? No one really knows and its hard to say considering the oil is still flowing from the bottom of the earth.This is a disaster that will take more man power then anything Ive ever seen before in my life and its not getting done. Day after day new oil is showing up down our coast as it comes a shore. These beaches and towns are not fully prepared and we are seeing this through individuals that upload their news reports and photos on facebook and other websites. The ocean is dying and Bp hasn't been able to stop it.
All the miss management and all the control this company has and the states are allowing this to happen by sitting by and waiting for bp to solve all the problems its just sick. I have read the stories over and over again. What are we as a Nation suppose to do?? News

GULF SHORES, Alabama - Former oil clean-up worker Candi Warren says she signed up to make a difference, but soon found out the work of cleaning the beaches was all cosmetic. That's what she was told, she says.

Warren says she knew that when crews worked during the day, the tide and surf buried oil overnight. But they were forbidden to dig it up. She quit in disgust three weeks ago despite the $18 per hour pay.

She said she was told to only clean the surface of the sand, that this is all cosmetic. She was on a crew at Gulf State Park where tourists go. She says it has priority so as to make it look like the beaches are clean.

Warren says she believes money is being wasted on the crews and says "At some point the real clean-up will have to begin, but I'm afraid the money will be gone."

She used a shovel and dug down six, eight, maybe twelve inches into the sand to show us the layers of oil close to the shoreline.

This is a map showing the devastation as of June 28,2010

This is the sperm whale that was found floating in the Gulf last week. The body will be taken in to determine its death but we all know what the cause is so why do they spend thousands of dollars to figure it out??

Small children play along the edge of the ocean not really knowing what their future holds its so sad to see the ocean dying .

How many times will this story repeat itself?? If only we knew. This baby dolphin died during transport

See the name on side the boat that is the first thing to catch my eye besides the thick oil . To me we all our now in prisoned by the oil and the horror has just begun .

How long could anything or anyone live in these conditions?? America needs help desperately from our Neighbor countries ,We are drowning in oil .

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