Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hands Across America The Biggest World Wide Event Ever

One Event One Cause People Take A Stand Against Offshore         
Thousands of people all across the USA and the world joined hands today to protest against offshore drilling .This event brought thousands of people together fighting for one cause. Its time we stand up and join as one to fight for a better planet. The oil spill in the Gulf Of Mexico is unlike anything this world has ever seen and its going to take a very long time to clean this up. The oil is still gushing as the events we're taking place today. Many tear's have been shed and many live's have been destroyed but we can make changes in America .

These photos are from Todays event in Ocean Beach
San Francisco, CA.

Hands Across the Sand Event, Ocean Beach, San Fran., 06/26/2010

This event was aimed at saying NO to offshore oil drilling and YES to clean energy.

Now is the time for America and our leaders to join hands and steer our country’s energy policy away from our dependence on fossil fuels and into the light of clean energy and renewables.

Ocean Beach
San Francisco, CA.

June 26th, 2010
Photos by 

Sherisa Cooper

End War Now....They were preparing for the helicopter shot!

Hands Across the Sand Event

It was 11:00AM and the helicopter arrived.

The plan was for it to spend about 10 minutes shooting the body-art image from above. ANYONE was welcome to take part. People had to lay down on the ground for the helicopter to be able to take a series of clear pictures.

Hands Across the Sand Event

photos compliments of 

Sherisa Cooper

More Photos from Other events for Hands Across America coming soon.

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