Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I will be leaving facebook due to threats against me & my family

I would like to begin by saying thank you to all my wonderful friends that have sent messages to me . I know this all comes as a shock to you that I would leave facebook but for some time now I have realized that the people that claim to have a heart for animals can be the cruelest people in the world.
Back in April I read a note about a womans experiences at the Robeson shelter. I had seen many other post before this but for some reason this note brought the situation there to life. I thought I would try to help the situation there so I made a video. This lead me to make several videos . I had many people add me on facebook after this.    For the friends I had before this whole Robeson issue came to light I had never had any issues with people at all .
Because of me doing so many things online  for the Robeson shelter ,
 several of my friends ask me to go to Robeson and see what this place was all about So I offered to go only with there help. I have never created a chip in until my Robeson Trip Chip in.
I have seen a few peoples remarks claiming I have made chipins for this and that ,Those statements are untrue.

I have never claimed to be a 501c rescue. All my friends know Im just a individual trying to help others in need. This I have done many times over.

I am not here to defend what I have and haven't done but for the ones that think they know everything about me ,here are the real facts about me and what I have done.

I have made over 12 videos that have been viewed over 15,000 times in less then 2 months .
I created a fan page for Robeson that had close to 3,000 members that I kept monitored
I made photos  to help raise money for all those beds at Robeson.
Several of the videos told people about the need for those beds.
Links we're posted on all videos leading them to the bed chip in.
I posted the chipin link on my main page as well as several groups I help manage.
I kept in contact with the people raising these funds to see the amount still needed to raise and I would get to work putting it out to the public.

I made a photo in support of the animals at Robeson ,this photo was downloaded and used by thousands of facebook users.The words on top of this photo was something I used on lots of my photos.

I do things on a daily basis and never ask for anything in return.
I added words to this photo to bring out the importance to the need for beds at the Robeson shelter.

Yesterday I seen  a smear campaign against me and things are being said by "ANIMAL ACTIVIST"  that are untrue.I have never seen people act so hateful. Not one time did any of these people contact me to ask me any details of my trip.
I have answered every question that has been asked by the Thomas Paine Bashing blog site.

Yes I received donations to go on a "Trip" to this facility but this shelter adopted over 50 dogs out of this shelter before I arrived. This has not happened the entire time since I have been aware of this shelter.
I have offered to go back or pull dogs from a shelter closer to my home.
But because these people that donated wanted dogs pulled from Robeson I have not pulled from any other shelter as of yet. I'm waiting on "Their" instructions .
If someone donated money to a individual I feel it is between the person donating and the person who has offered there time to do what ever it is that was agreed upon.

I have been called a dog killer ,animal abuser by people that dont even know me or know anything that I have done for this shelter.

Not one time  did certain people that was over the bed chip in fundraiser ever say thank you for my help. I really dont need a thank you because I know I had a hand in helping this come true for these animals.

Now for all the bashing and hateful people smearing my name I ask you what all have you done to help this shelter??
How many videos have you made to bring to light the horror of this shelter??

How much time have you spent getting the news out about Robeson??If you would all put this energy into doing something productive this world might be a little better,

Now I understand  why this shelter has threatened to close its doors and that is because of hateful people like a lot of you that are bashing me now.Nothing will ever change if people dont come together and work for the good of these animals that are dying everyday in every state.

If you are demanding that I show in detail what was spent  Ill be glad to send this to my friends that donated . Let this be a waring to all animal loving and caring people though,If they are bashing me now ,you might be the next one that is bashed .I have seen this a lot lately with several people that has tried to help these animals from this shelter.

I will make this right and it will be done with out having to post it to the world ,it will be done and the people that sent me there will be the ones to see it. I have nothing to prove to a bunch of cold hearted , hateful people that has bashed me online . I wont give any of you the satisfaction of knowing since non of you bothered to message me and ask me before hand.

thank you

ps to Miss Levi
this message is for you. I pulled my videos because I dont want you knowing nothing about my family because you have set out to harm something I love very much.
be careful this smear campaign might come back to haunt you .

Also I did not have time to retrieve a pet carrier for miss bella to ride in ,we had to leave our home and barely made it to get her in time before the shelter closed. So this is the last time I will defend my actions . You are all creating this drama and the sad thing is animals will suffer.Blame me and accuse me of what ever you like.
I know what is in my heart and so does a lot of other people.Thank you

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