Monday, June 28, 2010

Our Beloved dog Babyboy was killed 2 years ago today June 28th

Today it will be two years ago that our family lost our basset hound to animal cruelty .Our dog slipped out of our home and went down to play with some small children when he found himself walking in a neighbors yard only to be gunned down from behind. The man was never charged for animal cruelty even though I fought for over a year to get justice for our dog . He is missed terrible by all that knew and loved him. Babyboy was one of those dogs that everyone loved and he loved everybody.Through his death I have become a person that cares very much for animal rights and I have taken my campaign to the net and I work continually to bring awareness for those that can not speak. Many wonderful things have been done in Babyboys honor.

A song was wrote by Maria Daines from the UK in honor of our dog in 2009

Today we honor his life and we hope you will learn something from our tragic loss this is a video I made for our precious dog .Thank you to everyone that stood behind us as we went through this terrible ordeal.

Babyboys facebook page

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