Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Big Kern County pet rescue is a load for animal shelter

More than 200 animals rescued from a Kern County home earlier this month are straining the Sacramento SPCA's staff and resources, a spokeswoman said Monday.
Some of the creatures, mostly small dogs, including Chihuahuas taken from the Tehachapi home of Kimi Peck, are available for adoption. Others need medical and dental care before they can leave the shelter, said Lesley Kirrene.
Peck is a former relative of the late actor Gregory Peck and runs a dog rescue group from her home, Kirrene said.
The SPCA is looking for donations of towels and blankets to accommodate the animals, she said.
"It's definitely taxing our staff and our volunteers, and that is going to continue for a while," Kirrene said. "I would encourage anyone who is in the market for a Chihuahua to come on by."
The shelter is at 6201 Florin-Perkins Road and is open Tuesday through Sunday.
For more information, call (916) 383-7387.
This rescue operation is the largest the Sacramento SPCA has been involved in since the rescue work it did after Hurricane Katrina. Volunteers help prepare the kennels with fresh newspaper for each dog. We are in great need of newspaper over the next several weeks. Donations will be accepted in our adoption center.

They arrived at the Sacramento SPCA in air-conditioned semi trailers. Nearly 200 animals, most of them Chihuahuas, were rescued from Kern County, CA when the overwhelmed director of an animal rescue organization was evicted from her property. All of the animals are now settling in at the Sacramento SPCA, where their future is looking much brighter already.Photo credit: Howard Gold/PawPrint Production

SPCA staff are all smiles knowing these pups are in a good hands and will get the care they need until they are ready for their forever homes.                         Photo credit: Howard Gold/PawPrint Production

For the most part, the animals seem to be in good health and are currently being evaluated by SPCA veterinarians and staff, and given the medical care and special attention they need prior to being put up for adoption.

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