Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Brindi is Finally Free and back home

How long is to long to keep a dog confined to a life of doggy jail ? Well in Brindis case she was confined to her life in prison for over a year,A year that seemed like to all of us five years. Today Im happy to post that Brindi has been released. Night after night week after week thousands of post went out across FaceBook to get this sweet girl free.

Francesca Rogier and I met on facebook right after Brindi was taken from her . Thousands of facebook users joined Brindis group and helped call and sign petitions . This is what you call being a true advocate for animals. Here is a video of Brindi and Francesca on her fist day back home . 

Brindi was unexpectedly released early, without need of returning to court, on July 9, 2010. This is two weeks short of two whole years of confinement since 2008, when without any legal mandate, she was seized to be put down.
Not until April 30 of this year could I be sure she'd be spared, but in an unprecedented and controversial move, the judge ordered training to be done with Brindi before she could come home.
Now I will do all I can to counteract the damage to her health that accumulated all this time, as the city did not allow her to be walked, chew bones, or have her teeth cleaned. Last summer she contracted pancreatitis, and in January 2009 I found out that what were once perfect white teeth are full of tartar and plaque. Now Brindi has enamel loss on at least one molar and the decay poses a constant threat to her heart and other organs.
During her last month of captivity Brindi was sent to a private kennel on the outskirts of Halifax, at my request. The city denied all earlier requests, and on several occasions the judge insisted that she did not have the jurisdiction. After April 30, the city could no longer object, and Brindi was moved to Belle Kennel in Porters Lake, Nova Scotia, a few miles from my home, where professional trainer Susan Jordan began working with us. Her success helped this happen.
I can't say enough good things about Belle Kennel! They already knew Brindi from a stay in early 2008, when she played with other dogs for ten days while I was away, and were glad to have her.
So when I got the go-ahead, I dropped everything and picked her up, and grabbed the camera not knowing how I'd use it. These are the clips from that day.
Thanks to all Brindi supporters around the globe who fought so long and hard with me to save this precious girl's life. We have a long recovery but we're on our way!!!
Francesca Rogier

Here is one of Brindis Campaign Vidoes posted all over face book to help get her free

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