Thursday, July 1, 2010

Completion of Perdido Pass boom system several days away

Completion of the Perdido Pass boom system is still a few days away, said Phillip West, Orange Beach coastal resource manager.
The $4.6 million project includes a barrier of steel pipes stretching more than half a mile and is intended to keep oil out of wetlands and waterways just north of the pass. 
The floating pipes -- a yard in diameter and filled with polystyrene foam -- will be suspended from chains attached to two rows of pilings driven into the bottom of the pass, according to plans submitted to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. 

The barrier is anchored on the west side of the pass near the Gulf entrance and extends in a curve 3,200 feet to the east bank to a spot south of the Ala. 182 bridge, John Baker, president of Thompson Engineering, which is designing the system, said earlier this month.

Construction efforts did suffer a setback a few days ago when rough seas caused some damage. When the gate is closed, however, it does seem to be accomplishing the intended effect of " training " the oil into specific areas, West said.

Oil soaked boom floats in the water at Perdido Pass in Orange Beach, Ala., Monday, June 14, 2010. Completion of the Perdido Pass boom system is several days away.

Merry Elizabeth Altazan-Schley  said today on facebook 
I live in southern Louisiana and we are just now starting to begin feeling the economic impact that will ripple on down to everyone else. We have seen many people who are losing their homes because all they know is the river and that has been comprimised! Our coastline is so corroded with oil that it will NEVER be the same no matter what is done! The wildlife that did get out will never return and the ones who could not excape are doomed!! It's a sad fact that it could have all been avoided with a contengency plan!! OUR CHILDREN WILL NOT KNOW THE GULF THAT WE HAVE ALL COME TO LOVE!!


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