Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 73 and the oil is still flowing

Dear God this has to end ,I have been keeping up with this oil spill since it began 73 days ago and it seems like it will never stop.

My heart breaks for our world as we all sit here and watch the horrors unfold.Story after news story its just endless news reports. We dont know what the chemical will do to us that is floating in our water. The oil is coming up along the shores all over and the nightmare has just began to show its ugly face. For everyone reading this that is not from America ,This is a Horrible .

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Denise's Dreams said...

You said it! This is such a nightmare, not only for the people of the Gulf, this has the potential to fowl the Atlantic and beyond...just watch the live video on now day 73 and multiply it many, many more. *If they are ever able to stop it!

Charlene said...

But will a donation get you closer to having a voice?
Why isn't NWF standing up in their(government) ugly Washington, DC faces and rescuing those birds. I feel like I'm watching the 'acting' of the first man on the moon stepping down (the controversy of its authenticity). I see a picture of TWO people helping to rescue a pelican on an island (two, only two, count them) and saying, this is a staged photo. No one is rescuing ANYTHING. The birds are dying, the dolphins are stuck waiting to be rescued....time is counting down. DO SOMETHING FOR GOD'S SAKE!

Charlene said...

This is a message on FACEBOOK that I received from a bird rescue organization that asked for volunteers (I've got the background) and then called only 20 people as to why we weren't out there saving the birds:

"I did not want to post any comments that might be construed as inflammatory on the ### wall. ### was relegated to "standby" by BP itself. Being an organization that depends upon its relationship with both governmental and private agencies we must wait for their call to be able to do anything. ###'s inactivity is due to BP and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection wanting us for a response to the Florida coast. The folks at ### are frustrated as much as you are with the lack of interest in using their expertise now. when ### is called you can believe that they will rescue and save as many birds as they can utilizing as many personnel as possible to that effect. I am with you when it comes to being "Mad as hell" and want action taken now as well."

Go do are one of the biggest..DO SOMETHING!