Saturday, July 3, 2010

The destruction of America

Crews in Grand Isle use various methods to clean oil. BP said Wednesday that it has collected about 57,500 barrels (2.4 million gallons) of oil since it placed a containment cap on its ruptured well.

Workers use vacuums to suck up oil in Grand Isle, Louisiana, on Wednesday, June 9. Gov. Bobby Jindal and local officials began testing a few of these vacuums with the help of the National Guard.

Oil covers the shore in Grand Isle on Wednesday. Oil is affecting more than 45 miles of Louisiana coast, according to a state emergency website.

Gov. Jindal wants BP to increase the use of vacuums pumps as a method of combating the oil. The pumps in Grand Isle are among a handful currently in use.

Orange-black pools of oil and tar coat the beaches of Grande Isle after high tide Saturday.


Denise's Dreams said...

I hope EVERYONE views this!!! Wake up America, we're losing the battle....we may all not meet in the same place when this is over.

styleforlife said...

This is so devastating.
I PRAY that the "A WHALE" ship that processes 2.5 million gallons a day of water that they are testing, test the damn thing and it works....We need solutions!!!!!!!!! We need to help these poor creatures!!!
I love them all so much!
We need to GET OFF OF OIL! We need to not consume so much oil

charlotte said...

"Silence is God's first language," Thomas Keating wrote, quoting John of the Cross, and adding, "Everything else is a poor translation. In order to hear that language, we must learn to be still and rest in God."

mike_d010 said...

Terri,I want to thank you for all that you are doing!!I am going to the Gulf ASAP(shortly after 3 of Aug) I need help PLEASE!!!! I am looking who to volunteer for,where the bus station is,if there is a VA Hospital there? I think I will go to the Louisiana Coast,or Pensacola,Fla. I need to talk to my VA dr asap. I need volunteer opertunities there,where to stay (CHEAP)....I have contacted many people,and NOONE is responding :( I am determined,and I will go to help,NO MATTER WHAT. Would/could you PLEASE help me,I am desperate. Many thanks and blessings