Saturday, July 10, 2010

Gulf Oil Gusher spreading to florida EAST Coast - will kill tourism

This oil is about to spread its gooie sticky mess all the way around the pan handle of florida.... but what is worse than sticky oil on the bottom of your feet when you go to the beach is the toxic chemicals such as corexit passing through the skin into your body... or breathing in the sea midst that is laden with toxic chemicals that will kill fish and sea life. I guess you will continue to believe the media that all is well while they arrest reporters for trying to get a good look at what is REALLY going on. No wonder this country is collapsing. People are gullible star struck idiots. Hey btw did you see lindsey lohan crying? oh and the anticipation of lebron james picking a city to play basketball in.... oh well the toxic chemicals will poison the air but as long as he can jump and dunk a basket, I am good.

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