Saturday, July 17, 2010

Millions of SeaShells appearing on Pakistani Beaches July 16,2010

Millions of Seashells apearing every day on Clifton beach, karachi, Pakistan.
Just Last year in March 2009 " Dolphins Beaching " happened here on Pakistani Beaches.
Wat is surprising is that not a single private TV channel has covered this huge Event, No discussion forums on this Topic.
Not to mention there are large numbers of Earthquakes happening all around the world in the year 2010.
My thought is that all these Events are Signs of Great fluctuations in Earth's Magnetic Field...
This magnetic field fluctuation is happening due to the loss of Lubricant of Oil and Gas inside Earth's Crust.
Oil and Gas acts as Lubricant for Earth's Crust Movement. Now that we have taken out so much Oil and Gas. Earth's Layers have lost this lubricant and as a result we will observe much bigger more devastating Mega Earthquakes... just like Grand Canyon(Mega Earthquakes created Grand Canyons)
Electric Cars and Maglev Electric Turbines and Maglev Train, are the way of the future... if we want to save ourselves and humanity and future generations

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