Monday, July 5, 2010

My thought's about the oil spill message to my dearest friends and readers

To all my dearest friends:

For weeks on end, I have sat here and read and seen the worst disaster of our life time. My heart is completely broken for mankind. I wanted to sit down and write to all of you because people are searching for answers when deep within themselves they know the real answer. Like you, I have stumbled and searched for the words to express my deepest fears.

I was raised in church and I believe in what the holy bible says. In the bible, God tells us in exquisite detail of what the end of days will bring ,whether we want to believe or deny the answers. Friends, this is actually happening and it is all unfolding before our eyes at this very moment.

I never speak about religion because, when you do, it opens up a huge debate; one I have not been strong enough to fight, but I feel I must write this to all of you.

I knew as a small child that one day our Lord and Saviour would come; this is a day we all look forward to, but in order to go to heaven, you must be born again, ask the Lord to step into each individuals' life. I hope everyone will ask Jesus in to their heart and ask for forgiveness.

The things that are happening right now as I type this has devastated our planet and in my opinion will never be the same.

The things I have read are too real to not believe ,we can see it unfolding before our eyes.

In other words, I dont want to say get out now, and scare you, but I am warning one and all. This is serious ,very very serious, and it is not going away.

Thousands of lives will be effected by this, while we sit and wait.
When the hurricanes arrive, and they WILL arrive, it will be an event like none this or any generation have ever witnessed.

The destruction that I have witnessed is beyond words . This is not being handled by our
government and it is getting worse and worse each day. In the next few weeks, I suspect, dramatic measures will be taken by the citizens of the US. I have heard rumors that Obama doesn't care if America falls and I'm starting to believe it .

Do what your heart tells you to do. I have discussed this with many of my close friends over and over. A lot of them have just accepted the fact that this is our reality. I, on the other hand, am fighting mad; but I am just like all of you, sitting and waiting .

The Oil Spill of 2010 will certainly be the down fall of America and eventually the entire world. I don't think BP will ever be able to fix this problem, if they could, it would have all ready been done.

I pray for a speedy solution to this devastation and for each and every one of my friends.

God Bless,Terri Davis
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