Tuesday, August 10, 2010

HORRENDOUS CONDITIONS AT THE Warren County Animal Control, McMinnville, TN

Every State Needs Advocates to go in and view there local Pound/Shelter with a camera in hand.(Just because they claim to be  a shelter doesn't mean they are, So this is a plea to all Americans that love animals and might come across my blog by chance .Animals are dying every day and we have to take a stand and do something about it now for the voiceless.
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Mom scared for her life trying to escape through a blocked off hole in the wall, her babies trying to stay above water in a drainage field filled with raw sewage.


95% kill rate. No volunteers allowed, no rescues, No pics, no
Petfinder, no advertising of any kind, no food bowls, no beds, no
escape from being hosed down in the dead of Winter, puppies just DAYS
old hosed into raw sewage drain and unmoved by AC. Help us fight for
the animals.

90%+ kill rate, abuse, neglect, mass graves and a unwillingness to work with volunteers and rescues to save the animals. The good old boy system is alive and well, and culling the animals is the accepted method. They feel you the tax payers want this, that you support this. Those in power refuse to change, to change even the simple free things such as volunteers, allowing photos, and working with rescue groups to save lives. Help us fight for them.

There final resting place thrown away like trash

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HELP IN MAKING THE CHANGE TO WARRENCOUNTY AC, HERE ARE THE CONTACTS... But please remember, as when talking to any politician about an issue like this.."CALL Ask questions.. dont be rude and dont get sidetracked by lies and whines from the county."
Diane Phillips: JOHN PELHAM: COUNTY EXEC. (he is in charge of the shelter and how it is ran and ultimately the one responsible)jpelham@warrencountytn.gov201 Locust Street Suite 1McMinnville, TN 37110Phone:931.473.2505 DAVID HENNESSEE: DirectorWarren CountyAnimal Control169 PAWS LN, McMinnville, TN 37110-1396931-507-3647 Larry Stanley...,County Attorney100 W Main StMc Minnville, TN(931) 473-4922 Lisa Zavogiannis ,District Attorney General126 E Main StMc Minnville, TN(931) 473-1111(931) 473-9572 Leighann McCollum - Tennessee State Director Humane Societylmccollum@humanesociety.orgt 615-734-9537

This is there ending  and every other animal that is in a shelter that doesn't find a home.
Heres your truth right in front of your eyes.

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Mary Kohn said...

This shelter needs to be raided by authorities!! Every person working here needs to be fired to never work at another shelter again !! These are horrific conditions for these innocent animals. Poor defenseless puppies clinging to life in sewage, dogs tossed like trash !!
This is America and this is NOT what Americans do !!! Look at what these people are doing ??? Wake up McMinnville, someone needs to be a voice for these precious animals ! Every animal has a right to find a new home, to be exposed to humane treatment, to be cared for with food, water and a save shelter! Someone please step up and be their voice !!!! Would YOU want to be treated this way?? I don't think so and neither should they !!!

Mary Kohn
Seattle, WA

baileykix said...

This is heartbreaking. I can't understand why the refusal to accept volunteers or adoptions. Its like they WANT to be viewed as the monsters they are.

Anonymous said...

We shall stand strong for the spirits of those who suffer and have suffered such wrongs. May these packs bring lighting to our words and efforts.

Anonymous said...

Rather...LIGHTNING to our words and efforts. These doos (intent) stand with us as every step is taken. Actions one wide are hundreds strong, a singular hammer.

Nancy said...

Shared your blog, thank you for bringing this to the attention of so many. Heartbreaking! Cannot find the words to express my outrage at what I just read and saw. No volunteers allowed? No rescue allowed? People need to be made aware if they dump their dogs, they will die there. The people in control need to be fired and charged with cruelty, period.

Anonymous said...

kelly oakes muskogee oklahoma its hard to believe this can happen but it does this must stop soon how would you feel if this was in your town

Carolyn said...

People who can do things like this to animals are the scourge of the earth and deserve to be treated in like manner. Where are the authorities? Where are the humanitarians in that area?

Billy Howard/Alabama said...

Billy Howard, Retired Law Enforcement Officer....This is nothing more than Animal Abuse at the worse. This is a Dog Pound..Not a Shelter...A shelter protects Animals...The State should do a Investigation ASAP into this place, at the least, The ones in charge should be fired and never again be able to own/or work with animals again. And for not to let volenteers or rescues in to save the dogs is a RED FLAG for hideing the truth of what really goes on inside the walls there. I have no clue of why this day and time the citizens put up wit such a horrible place...Shame on the citizens and the authorities for letting this abuse go on...God Bless there sweet little souls...

horizonhelp said...

Absolutely disgusting. Please, good people of McMinnville TN stop this horror from happening. Get involved. This is so disturbing, on so many levels

Anonymous said...

Wow, how do you get all this info? I dont know why you dont work for like CNN or Newsweek. Its a shame what happens to these animals and you really seem to get all the info, even the pics the public does not get to see, like the carcasses in torn open bags. Which leads me to this, WHO tore open the bags to reveal the contents? Do you work there or something?

"Voice For The Voiceless" said...

This is a reply to the last comment.
I dedicated myself for over 2 years to animal rights issues I started my blog to spread the message far & wide across the internet. I have made friends all over and I get my info from many sources . People send me news ,I see it on facebook & thats how its done .Thanks for checking out my blog.

Anonymous said...

I sent an email directly to this place. I got it right from the website too.It got returned stating it is permenatly gone! Has anyone learned anything new on this "So Called Animal Shelter?" What a SLAP IN THE FACE for the poor animals there. A SHELTER? I cannot believe NO ONE IN AUTHORITY HAS GONE TO THEIR DOOR AND DEMANDED TO BE LET IN!!! If not DOWN COMES THE DOOR!