Friday, August 6, 2010

Police: Girl, 10, kills dog

OREGON, Ohio (WUPW) - A 10-year-old girl admitted to holding a chihuahua’s head underwater until it stopped breathing, according to an Oregon police report. The dog died days later.
The dog’s owner, Carla Frent, lives at the Piccadilly East apartments on Pickle Road.
Tiny – an appropriate name for the 5-pound canine – was on a walk with Frent’s daughter, Marcella, several weeks ago.
Marcella is 19-year-old but mentally challenged and trusts everyone, Frent said.
“This girl coaxed her into the house,” Frent said.
Then the 10-year-old took Tiny into the bathtub, drawing the shower curtain so Marcella couldn’t see what was happening, according to the report.
“She then admitted she held the dog under water for approximately (5) seconds,” the officer wrote.
The girl first said she wanted to give the dog a bath, but later changed her story several times admitting it was intentional, the report said.
“The suspect showed no real emotion,” the police report said.
“Someone here got her breathing again, and the father was doing the chest compressions trying to bring her back,” Frent said.
The dog stayed the weekend at a vet’s office but died several days after returning home. She would not eat or drink anything.
Frent and her daughter buried Tiny and put up a headstone and several flowers. Someone else left a dog treat on the marker.
However, the prosecutor's office tells FOX Toledo News that did not happen and that's when charges were filed.
FOX Toledo could not reach the girl’s family for comment.
Frent said she wants to get some sort of justice, but she also thinks the girl needs help.
“They also own a dog which she should have it taken away before she kills it.”

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