Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thousands Of Facebook Users Fight To Rescue Dogs

If you want to know how thousands of Facebook users use their status updates to bring change, do a quick search on Facebook for “dog rescue” or “dog rescued”. You’ll see tons of people who are posting about dogs who need to be rescued before tomorrow. There are numerous animals put to sleep every day because there are more animals than people to adopt them. As such, Facebook users are rushing to share information about dogs who are going to be euthanized in the immediate future.

Given that we talk so frequently about how to use Facebook it’s easy to forget that Facebook is about the modern human experience. That’s why it’s not to surprising to see so many users attached to animals and actively fighting to rescue them. In the short time it has taken to write this article, I’ve seen at least 20 people share about dogs who are at risk of being put to sleep in the near future. In addition to the dogs that people are trying to have rescued, there’s also a viral message going around about dogs that are bred to fight.
After telling a story from the perspective of the dog, it asks users to donate to a Veterinary Hospital and includes a Paypal link, however we can’t verify what that actually links to. Regardless, it’s pretty clear that Facebook users care deeply about their dogs, and that’s why they want to rescue them. Many of the postings link back to a site called which is a listing of all the animals that are available for adoption.
If you want to see all the dog rescue posts that are being shared on Facebook, just follow this link.


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ehvh21707 said...

Ilove your post! I am one of those FB dog people. I am happy to report that I persoanlly had the chance to save a life over the weekend! After seeing one such post, I contacted the poster, and after messaging, texting, phone calls, etc., my little girl was saved with only hours to spare! She will be coming home on June 12th! Many thanks to everyone who helped...I found them all on FB!