Monday, August 16, 2010

Woman Chained at Harrisburg Capitol to Win Law for Abused Dogs

All I can say is hell ya ,Im sorry but I cried like I havent in a long time when I watched this video the tears just would not stop falling. Please watch this very in "Your Face Video"

Dogs Deserve Better On FaceBook

Would you go this far for a animal???? People on facebook say a lot of stuff but how far would you go to protect the voiceless?????
Tamira Thayne, founder and CEO of Dogs Deserve Better, has taken her group's six year quest for a law limiting chaining to the steps of the state Capitol to win support for a law currently in committee, SB1435.

Live in PA? Love dogs? Then support this bill which would limit the 24/7 chaining of dogs, giving them freedom from chains for at least 10p.m.-6a.m. by calling your Senator today.

Nervous about calling a Senator? When you call you almost always talk to an aide and you tell them what bill you'd like the Senator to's over just like that. To find your PA Senator, visit this link:

Plus, join the coalition at

If Thayne can suffer all these hours chained in all kinds of weather, surely you can pick up the phone and make the call?

Special thanks to Daly Gonzalez who braved the horrible rain to get footage and photos of Thayne.

Please donate to support this campaign, follow Thayne on Facebook or Twitter, by going to

Join them on FaceBook

She does it for them 

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