Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Abused German Shepherd "Phoenix" Rescued, Needs Home (Abusers cut off the dog's ears, allowed other dogs to attack him)

DOWNEY -- There is a campaign to save a German Shepherd whose abusers cut off his ears, used him in dog fighting then abandonded him on the streets of Downey.

When the dog, now named Phoenix, was discovered wandering the streets, he was taken to an animal shelter. Officials there were going to put him down because of the severity of his injuries and abuse.

But a volunteer at the shelter called a German Shepherd rescue group which is now funding the dog's rehabilitation.

The group is hoping someone will adopt the shepherd and continue its medical treatment.

Animal control officials believe the dog was used as bait for pit fighting. The shepherd more-than-likely had its mouth taped shut. Other dogs were then allowed to attack the shepherd. Most bait dogs are killed.

The kidnapping of family dogs and other pets is common in some areas were illegal dog fighting is prevalent. Pet owners are encouraged to keep their pets behind locked fences or inside their homes when they are away.

Phoenix is a 5-7 year old German Shepherd mix. For more information about him, you can contact Coastal German Shepherd Rescue. Their number is 714-528-4730.


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