Thursday, September 30, 2010

Alabama Humane Society Will Be Forced To Euthanize Its Animals Due To Lack Of Funding

An Alabama humane society will be forced to euthanize all of the animals it's holding when the facility is forced to shut down on September 30th due to lack of funding.
Although the Chattahoochee Humane Society attempted to get more money by going to court earlier in the month, they were denied.
Alabama law insures that every county must have an animal shelter, but it does not specify what kind. While animal shelters only have to hold an animal for seven days before putting them down, the humane society kept all until they were adopted.
Sharon Hawkins, President of the Board of Directors, explains:
"We tried to present to them what it costs to do that and apparently our county feels that they can do it more affordably. The difference in a pound is that they hold the animal for 7 days and they do not offer the option for adoption — so inevitably they're euthanized."
Humane Society Director Shon Sims continues:
"I've tried really hard to make sure the animals that leave our facility are healthy animals and that our cleaning structure and disease protocol changed so we didn't have the disease presence we used too."
We truly wish them all of the best to hear this completely crushes us.
If you live in the area, PLEASE CLICK HERE to adopt one of the animals at the Chattahoochee Humane Society before it's too late.

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