Thursday, September 2, 2010

Man Who Shot Great Danes Won't Be Charged

A group of Marion County Great Dane owners will hold a vigil Thursday night for two dogs shot and killed last month. The shooter said he was protecting himself and neighborhood children when he shot and killed the dogs near Redwood Run Lane.
However, the dogs' owner told WFTV that her dogs were killed for no reason and she's frustrated the shooter won't be charged.Holli Tencza said they truly were part of the family.
"Just talking about it now, and remembering how painful it was those first few days was very hard. I couldn't get through it without crying," Tencza said.Her great Danes', Epic and Samson, were shot to death a few hours after they got out of their fenced yard in Silver Springs Shores. It happened August 12, about a mile away.
Homeowner Chris Monteiro shot the dogs shortly after calling 911 to report that the animals tried to attack him. Monteiro was in Tampa Wednesday, but told WFTV by phone, "I feel horrible about having this happen. I have three rescue dogs of my own, but these dogs attacked two people."
Two witnesses disagreed on whether the dogs were aggressive. One sided with Monteiro. Another told the investigating deputy the dogs were wagging their tails and there was no reason to shoot them.
"When he talked to everyone at the scene, he realized there wasn't enough evidence in place, that there was not a malicious act," said Judge Cochran, Marion County Sheriff's Office.
Prosecutors will not file criminal charges.
Tencza says they were gentle giants, always affectionate, especially with her young children. She insists they never would have bitten anyone.
"They never hurt anyone at all. They were just so gentle,
Tencza hired a lawyer, who has asked prosecutors to reconsider filing criminal charges.

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