Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Officer Shot Boo Boo and Nemi in the head Please read this ladies story

On August 20, 2010, Peach County Sheriff’s Department kicked my door in at 1120 Bible Camp Rd. Byron, GA 31008, without a proper search warrant.

When they entered my home, wearing full SWAT uniforms and ski masks, me and three others were standing in my living room. Nobody moved. My dogs were laying in the middle of the living room floor. The Officers were pointing guns at everybody, yelling at us to get on the floor. Almost 1 year ago to the day they did the same exact thing, again without a proper warrant.
Last year my Red nose Pitt Boo Boo went to the door when he heard the noise. The officers entered my home, shot twice, and hit my dog once in the head. He let out a yelp and ran to the back part of the house. He was bleeding very bad from his right ear and neck. The bullet had entered his head in front of his ear, went through his ear and into his neck. It exited about 5 inches down his neck.
When the officer in charge found out that I did not have anything he was looking for, he let me leave and take my dog to the vet. It was 1am in the morning. I got the vet to meet me at his office and we went through several hours trying to repair the damage to my dogs head. This was an extremely traumatizing event for me and my dog. He lost a lot of blood and I was very lucky that he made it through. I slept in my car with Boo that night because he was still unconscious from the anesthesia and he was too heavy for me to carry him into the house and I did not want him to wake up alone in the car. I have pictures of the injuries he suffered. This ordeal cost me $1000.00 that I did not have.
Boo Boo loved everybody. When someone would knock on the door he would greet them at the door waiting for them to say hello to him. He was never aggressive to anyone. He loved kids. I never left him unattended when he was around a child but he never gave me a reason to think he would harm them.
I am a single woman that lives in the country alone. Boo Boo was my constant companion. He went everywhere with me. He even slept in my bed. He was almost 5 yrs. old and had been with me since he was a puppy. He was like my child. I saved the last bite of everything I ate for him.
My other Pitt Nemesis was Boo’s daughter. She was only 8 mos. old. She was a very sweet dog. She had a huge heart and she also loved everyone. She never so much as growled at anyone. Even if you tried to make her mad, she would just walk away. She wouldn’t even play like she would get aggressive.
When the police kicked my door in, for the second time, Boo and Nemesis were barking because of the noise, the way they were dressed, and the masks they were wearing. Boo did not like guns. They did not go towards them they just sat at the end of the coffee table where we were and barked because they were pointing guns at everyone.
I begged them to let me put the dogs up. They just yelled at me to get on the floor. I started to go for Boo Boo and the officer told me that if I didn’t get on the floor that he would mace me. So I got on the floor. The officer then walked over to Boo and Nemi, stood over them, took aim, and shot them in the head. I was devastated.
As my two babies laid there bleeding out, the officers dragged us over their bodies, and out the door.
We sat outside for a long time while they searched the house. Then they took us to jail. I spent a week in jail. When I got out I started making phone calls trying to find out what they did with my dogs because, when I asked my family members to bury them they told me that they were gone.
I called the detective in charge and asked him about them. He said that he was not there, but he would find out for me, and to call him back. When I called him back he did not answer his phone. I tried for several days to get through to him but to no avail. So I started calling the Sheriff to ask him. I left several messages and got no reply. Finally after 2 weeks an officer called me and told me that they threw my dogs out on the back side of my property by my pond. They never even dug a shallow grave. They just tossed them out like the trash. These two dogs were everything to me. they were my whole world. I love them as much as I do my children. Something needs to be done. This is extreme animal cruelty. If one of us citizens treated an animal like that we would be put in jail. That warrant did not give them the right to take those dogs lives.
Anyone interested in showing their support for ensuring these officers answer for their actions e-mail me at jlaw01@live.com. I am gathering information for setting up a petition and will let you know where to go for signing it.

Thank You for any help
Jody Law

Please sign the petition for Boo Boo and Nemi

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CharacterAssassinator said...

I have serious concerns about how your own behavior may have put these dogs at risk. I have two rescued rottie crosses and never once have I had a SWAT team visit my house. I would think after your dog was injured the first time you might have made some life changes to ensure it didn't happen again. Clearly SWAT teams don't pay these visits without a reason (valid warrant or not)and spending a week in jail indicates that they had a valid reason to visit your house and arrest you. I'm not sure why you dogs were shot, but its clear that your behavior exposed your dogs to SWAT teams with guns drawn.

Julie said...

CharacterAssassinator--do you really think the two dogs deserved to be treated like that, regardless of their human's behavior? It IS very likely the human has done SOMETHING or the law would not have been at her home, kicking in her door, pointing guns. However, I still don't think this is proper behavior for an officer of the law. Why couldn't they have let the dogs outside, as she requested? This is about the treatment of the dogs. It is not about the behavior of the dog's human.

Joylyn said...

First of all, I would not assume that any human did anything wrong. I have heard often of police getting the wrong house, and there have been many cases of police brutality, even if the human did something wrong. If you are black or brown, sometimes the police shoot or beat first, and ask questions later. It surprises me not that police would shoot a bully dog first, many criminals have bully dogs for protection, who are NOT sweet and gentle. If this woman did put her dogs at risk with her own choices, that is sad, but that does not give the police the right to shoot dogs without a valid reason, regardless of breed. I think we have to separate the issues. Something about this doesn't seem right, and I'd love to hear the other side of the story. Regardless, the police did not act correctly in shooting two dogs and then disposing of their bodies in such a horrid fashion and someone should take some responsibility for this. Even people who make bad choices have rights in this country, including to be considered innocent first, and to be treated fairly under the rules of law. It doesn't sound like that happened here.

Jody Law said...

Thank You Julie and Joylyn. You are absolutely right. The warrant was for my nephew and that is beside the point. My dogs did nothing wrong. The warrant that they had was not a no knock warrant and they had no right to treat them the way they did. regardless as to what anyone may or may not have done in my home. They had no right to shoot them. It's not like they killed somebody's kid or something like that. They had every intention of killing my dogs when they came in. The police wonder why people have no respect for them. When they do things like this they are no better than the criminals they arrest. They do not have the right to be Judge, Jury and executioner. Who made them GOD?