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Abused Tortured and Killed In Ohio will it ever end??????

DEMAND OHIO PASS A FELONY LAW TO PROTECT ANIMALS! Ohio is one of seven states that doesn't allow felony charges against first-time animal-cruelty offenders, no matter how heinous the cruelty. In Ohio, the felony provision only kicks in for repeat offenders. Under Ohio Animal Abuse Law, a person can not do more than 18 months in jail, no matter what the sentence is or should be. Unfortunately, Ohio’s anti-cruelty law does not allow for felony-level charges for farm animal abuse, no matter how malicious the act, due to the lobbying influence of Ohio agri-business interests. Ohio laws regarding humane societies include a provision allowing "any person" to intervene in a case of animal neglect by entering "a place in which the animal is impounded or confined and supply it with necessary food, water, and attention." The law says the neglected animal may be removed "if necessary."

Aaron C. Ryan, 28,
CANTON, OHOctober 21, 2010--A man convicted of dragging a dog behind his bicycle can’t have pets for five years. Aaron C. Ryan, 28, of 812 Sixth St. NW, pleaded no contest Thursday to a misdemeanor charge of cruelty to a companion animal. Municipal Court Judge Mary Falvey found Ryan guilty and ordered him to spend 55 more days in jail, to be followed by two years of probation. Ryan has already served 65 days behind bars. Police said Ryan admitted taking the dog — a black poodle and beagle mix named Rascal — from the backyard of a home in the 3700 block of 21st Street SW in Canton Township.

CALDWELL, NOBLE COUNTY, Ohio -- August 30, 2010 --
His name "Brave", came from a kind vet tech moments before he passed.
What began as a wellness check on a family could result in criminal charges against the family after Noble County Sheriff's 
Some need hip surgery
deputies find dogs in various conditions resulting from suspected animal abuse and neglect. Robin McClelland, with the   
Some will need eye surgery.
 Appalachian Ohio American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, said it's the worst case of animal neglect she's ever seen. Ten dogs were found in severe stages of starvation and neglect. Posted: 10:19 pm EDT August 30, 2010 Updated: 10:24 pm EDT August 30, 2010 -- An animal cruelty investigation was launched Monday night in Noble County after nine dogs were seized that had been chained outside their owners' home without water, food or shelter and in horrendous physical condition. "In all my life, I've never seen anything like this," said Hannum. "They were literally skeletons with skin stretched over their bones. I don't know why these dogs were able to stand, they were in such poor health. I've never seen anything like it. Just skeletons with skin stretched over it." Sheriff Steve Hannum said the dogs were in dire need of medical care and one dog might not survive. "Brave", the pitiful suffering Irish Setter with no coat at all, saving maybe a dozen hairs on his entire body, did not survive. Brave found his name as a result of the last thing he ever heard. A kind vet tech at New Horizon Hospital told him, moments before he passed, that he was very brave and that she wished she was as brave as he was. He was cremated by Geib Funeral Home in New Philadelphia, OH on September 1, 2010. They graciously donated this service for him to us. Deputies got an anonymous tip about a property in Jefferson Township where the dogs were being kept. The animals are now being cared for at the New Horizon Animal Hospital in St. Clairsville. Investigators said they expect to file charges in this case. Alex and Susan Combs and their Joshua, 28, all of Dexter City, are each facing three counts of torturing companion animals, and each count carries a possible six-month jail term (Want to see this happen in OHIO. DOUBT IT).

Lucien left to starve in basement.

A young horse Thursday that could not get up
LUCAS COUNTY, OH (WTOL)-- Aug 13, 2010– Horse owner Pat Hudson made the decision to euthanize a young horse Thursday that could not get up while Toledo Area Humane Society investigators were at the Dorr Street farm. Hudson is facing charges of animal cruelty, which is a misdemeanor on the first offense. All of the animals remain in his care because the Humane Society says they don't have the resources to remove them. Investigators say the animals are emaciated and that adequate food was not found on the grounds. The owners have been ordered to de-worm all of the horses and to provide better hay and grain. Investigators say they'll stay in contact with the owners on a daily basis.

Chastity Elliot of Fairborn OH
FAIRBORN, Ohio (WDTN) Wednesday, 11 Aug 2010, -- Fairborn woman describes dog beating; Smokey was beaten with a 
Smokey survived and is now being cared for at the Greene County Animal Shelter.
baseball bat, run over.  Chasity Elliot, 20, andRobert Profitt, 44, both of Fairborn, beat "Smokey," with a baseball bat, leaving him with severe injuries.  Chasity Elliot stated to a 2 News camera, "I got really upset with the dog over all the stuff that it's done since it's been in the family and all that stuff. I was thinking about a bad thing and I said to Bobby, 'Do we have a baseball bat?'" Elliot said. "I hit it twice on its nose and I hit it a little bit on its back. After that I quit hitting it and Bobby, he had a chance to hit it with the bat like three times. We were both hitting it. Then he ran it over with the car." 

Lowell McDonald, 34, had beaten the family dog to death.
DELHI TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- July 20, 2010 -- SWAT units are called to a Delhi Township home after police said a man fatally beat a family dog, sparking a domestic dispute.Police said the incident happened at a home in the 600 block of Woodvalley Lane on Monday. That's in Hamilton County. When officers arrived, they said two women and a man were inside the home. The women were convinced to leave the house, but they told officers that Lowell McDonald, 34, was armed with a gun and wouldn't leave, according to reports. Police said one of the female relatives was able to talk McDonald into giving up the gun. Officers said after numerous attempts to talk to McDonald on a phone, the SWAT team was called in. After almost three hours, police said McDonald peacefully gave himself up. Detectives later said McDonald had beaten -- not shot -- the family dog to death, inciting the incident. McDonald is charged with inducing panic and cruelty to animals.

Tila, pregnant Pit Bull, left in the heat without water, food or shade.
Hamilton, OH -- Jul 08, 2010-- PREGNANT DOG DIES FROM HEAT EXHAUSTION Posted:
Tila died from heat exhaustion. Looking for pictures of the owners
July 08, 2010 4:20 PM EDT Updated: Jul 12, 2010 10:16 AM EDT By Tiffany Teasley ( A pregnant dog found suffering from heat exhaustion in Hamilton, Ohio has died. Vets did all they could to nurse the pit bull mix back to health , but ultimately the pregnant pooch just couldn't pull through. "This is the hardest case that we have to deal with because it's so preventable," said Deputy Dog Warden Kurt Merbs. The dog, named "Tila," was found Thursday afternoon on Chestnut Street with no food and water and no shelter from the sun. She was given an IV with cold water to cool down her temperature, and was transported to the Fairfield care center where she later died from heat exhaustion. "We just think it was too far gone, your inside literally cooks from the inside out with heat exhaustion," Merbs said. Deputies tried to make contact with the owners Friday, but they weren't home, they were given notice to contact authorities by Monday or arrest warrants will be issued. "Possible cruelty neglect charges as well for the female," Merbs said. Meanwhile, the Dog Warden's office has taken custody of a male pit bull from the same owners, to protect it from any harm. Merbs said on June 3 the owners contacted them to pick up the dogs, claiming they were strays. Fox19 tried talking to the dog owners at that house, but the person who opened the door said they weren't talking, meanwhile neighbors are speaking their mind. "People should take care of their dogs, and treat them just like they would their kids, if you wouldn't leave your kid out there, you shouldn't leave your dog" said Dallas Flanagan, a neighbor.

Lawrence Mick(on right), 57, of 631 Federal St Toledo OH with a friend, Adam Collins, 35(on left) took turns shooting the captive dog.
Toledo, OH -- July 9, 2010-- On July 9, ownerLawrence Mick, 57, of 631 Federal St., and a friend, Adam Collins, 35, of 317 River Place, are accused of having taken turns shooting the captive dog outside the Federal Street house. Neighbors recall hearing the animal howl in pain. Sarge amazingly survived the six 25-caliber bullet wounds in his head and chest, and is recovering under Ms. Lyle's care at the pound. Toledo police arrested both men for animal cruelty, among other charges. County Dog Warden Julie Lyle said Thursday that Sarge is ineligible for direct adoption from the Lucas County pound because he has a record of biting. “I don't see any situation in which I would be placing an adult, biting dog into a home directly from us,” Ms. Lyle said. Paperwork on file with the warden says that on July 1, Sarge allegedly bit both his owner and the owner's girlfriend. The bites were reported to the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department by M ercy St. Charles Hospital, where the girlfriend sought treatment for bites on her right arm, leg, and buttocks.
Toledo, OH--August 11, 2010--Melinda Perry, 51, of 631 Federal St. was charged Wednesday with three counts of intimidation of a witness in a criminal case. If convicted, she faces up to 15 years in prison.

Carlyle King, 23-year-old man, stomped a puppy to death
COLUMBUS, Ohio -- July 7 2010-- Carlyle King, 23-year-old man, stomped a puppy to death. Witnesses told Columbus police officers that Carlyle King was arguing with his girlfriend in the parking lot of Wedgewood Village Apartments, located in the 700 block of Wedgewood Drive, when he did it. They said he grabbed the four- to six-week-old pup and killed it. Police arrested King, charging him with domestic violence, assault, obstructing official business and cruelty to animals.Man Charged for Stomping Puppy to Death

Mr. Skowron, 34, of 1108 Rochelle Rd. Toledo and Ms. Alisha Marie King, 29, of Lambertville, is facing criminal charges in the shooting and abduction of Tyson the dog.
Toledo, OH -- July 03, 2010 -- Pair charged in connection with shooting, criminal charges
Alisha King and Eric Skowron during first court appearance.
against a neighbor, Eric Skowron, 34, of 1108 Rochelle Rd. and his girlfriend, Alisha Marie King, 29, of Lambertville, who are accused of the shooting and abduction, parts of which were caught on video by another neighbor's surveillance cameras. The city of Toledo prosecutor's office is considering additional charges against the pair for criminal trespass, illegal discharge of a firearm, petty theft, and filing a false police report. What is more, Mr. Luck said his family has received phone calls recently from Mr. Skowron's work colleagues at the Fermi 2 nuclear power plant in Monroe County, alleging that Mr. Skowron talked for weeks about shooting a neighbor's dog and then bragging about doing it.

Charlie who his owner,Charles Craigo, tried to strangle with a light cord.
Elyria, OH -- June 26, 2010 -- Elyria man faces animal abuse charges for dog left in garbage. 28-year-old Charles Craigo who lives on Baldwin Avenue has been charged for allegedly abusing and trying to kill a dog that was found earlier this month in a Baldwin Avenue garbage can with an extension cord wrapped around its neck. He is charged with cruelty to animals, attempted destruction of an animal and two separate counts of cruelty to companion animals, all misdemeanors. Charlie the dog managed to knock the garbage can over and crawl into a neighbor’s flower bed. He was found by several neighborhood children. Elyria City Prosecutor Jay Grunda said Friday that the injuries inflicted on the 10-month-old male husky-collie mix ranked pretty high on the list of animal cruelty cases he’s seen in his career. It was a sentiment echoed by Animal Protective League Humane Officer Denise Willis, who said Friday that Charlie is well on his way to recovering from the substantial wounds, including a cracked skull, he received before he was rescued June 15. Willis has said Craigo told her that “I thought the dog was dead, so I threw it in the garbage.” A neighbor told Willis that Craigo said he tried to kill Charlie because he couldn’t afford to take the dog to the vet. She also said that the dog had a hole in its head, bloodshot eyes and looked as if he had been shot with a BB gun. Grunda said Craigo told investigators there was a reason he threw the dog in the garbage can. “His statement was that he was trying to kill it because it was hit by a car,” he said. But Willis said she doubts that story because Charlie’s injuries didn’t appear consistent with being hit by a car. Craigo’s explanation that the dog had been hit by the car after running away the night before and then returning home just doesn’t add up, she said.

Billy Joe Gregg, 25, Cow Beater
N PLAIN CITY Union Co, OH -- May 30, 2010 -- Conklin Dairy Farm Abuse. The most malicious acts in the video were conducted by Conklin Dairy employee Billy Joe Gregg, 25. Gregg not only body slammed and repeatedly and forcefully punched cows, but stabbed confined animals with pitchforks and ruthlessly struck them in the face with a metal bar. Gregg was seen on the video telling the investigator how much he loved beating the animals.  GOT A PLEA BARGAIN OF 15 Months instead of 3 years. UPDATE: Sentenced to 4 months plus time served of 4 months = 8 months

Robin Vess, 31 horses removed, 6 found dead from neglect
Oak Harbor, OH (US) -- Jan 1, 2010 -- 31 horses removed, 6 found dead from neglect. An animal cruelty case in Ottawa County involving the extreme undernourishment of 31 horses and the death of six others. The remaining horses have been rescued and moved over the last couple days, said Nancy Silva, humane officer for Ottawa County. The animals were rescued from a stable in the Oak Harbor area. Six horses have died from the neglect and there were 37 horses originally, Ms. Silva said.  Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department filed 42 counts of animal cruelty. Each misdemeanor charge carries a $750 fine and 90 days in jail. A jury found Vess guilty of 42 misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty in April for allowing her horses to starve and dehydrate, resulting in the deaths of several animals. But in Ohio, she can serve no more than 18 months in jail.  UPDATE: Sentenced to 42 Days in Jail.

Darryl Lawsonwill serve five days in jail 
fot dumping pregnant dog during a snowstorm because he didn't want to care for her or her puppies.
Hamilton, OH -- Feb 12, 2010-- Pregnant dog dumped in snow. Darryl Lawson, 45, dumped a pregnant beagle during last week's snowstorm has turned himself in to authorities. David Lawson, of Hamilton, was accused of abandoning the dog near Benzing Farms in Butler County because he didn't want to care for her or her puppies. Lawson was charged with abandonment, animal cruelty, failure to have a license and running at large, authorities said. He pleaded guilty, will serve five days in jail and two-year probation for abandoning a pregnant beagle named Valentine in a February snowstorm. He was also fined $500 and 40 hours of community service at the Animal Friends Humane Society in Trenton, where the county dog warden brought Valentine and her newborn puppies after they were discovered in a field. The order also bans Lawson from living at a home with animals for two years.

Kathy Witzman, owner of the Humane Sanctuary, found guilty of animal cruelty, a second-degree misdemeanor, in a plea agreement; sentenced to five years probation and fined $150; cannot have any animals for five years
Kinsman, OH (US) -- February 12, 2010-- Over 100 animals removed from the Humane Sanctuary
Kathy Witzman, owner of the Humane Sanctuary, was found guilty this month of animal cruelty, a second-degree misdemeanor, in a plea agreement. She was sentenced to five years probation and fined $150. She cannot have any animals for five years and must undergo a psychiatric evaluation. The animals were among 162 dogs, 18 cats, 14 chickens, five ducks and two horses rescued last month from a no-kill facility in Kinsman called the Humane Sanctuary. Malnourished animals were living in poor conditions. Many had untreated health conditions. "It's worse than anything we've ever been out on," Houghton said. "They didn't find any puppies or kittens alive. The other animals were so hungry, they were eating them."

Stacie Mullins, charged in the fatal beating of a baby alpaca in February 2010.
HAMILTON, OH — February 2010 -- Tortured and beaten to death, the 3-month-old alpaca, Masterpiece, who was found in an
Nicolas Reynolds, Alpaca Baby Killer
abandoned barn in southwest Ohio on Feb. 19. Two 17-year-old boys have been charged in juvenile court with vandalism, theft, animal cruelty, breaking and entering and tampering with evidence related to the death of Masterpiece, whose value has been estimated at $8,000. The youths remain in custody at a juvenile detention center pending a March 30 hearing. Prosecutors want their case transferred to adult court, where they'd face harsher penalties if convicted. A grand jury also is considering whether to indict Stacie Mullin, 22, of Madison Township, Ohio, who allegedly drove the boys to and from Pergram's farm in connection to the killing. Stacie Mullins, charged in the fatal beating of a baby alpaca in February and arrested again in June for contributing to the delinquency of a minor, will be placed under house arrest. Butler County Common Pleas Judge Patricia Oney, on Monday, July 12, ordered Mullins be placed on GPS monitoring at her expense. She must report three times a week for alcohol testing. Oney set her bond at $20,000. Nicolas Reynolds is also looking for a plea bargain in this case.

Jaime Chandley of Eagle Ave, Loraine OH had 3 Great Danes found starving to death in her yard; one died later.
Lorain, OH (US)-- Dec 25, 2009 - 3 Great Danes found starving to death in yard; one died 
One of the 3 Great Danes rescued from Chandley's home.
later.Jaime Chandley of Eagle Ave, Loraine OH watched three Great Danes nearly starve to death in her backyard kennel went before a judge Tuesday morning. Officers found two emaciated adult dogs and a puppy covered in dog feces in an outside kennel. The outside kennel did not have insulation to keep the animals warm from the declining elements. The officers believed the dogs would not have survived the week had they not been rescued from the Eagle Avenue house. 27-year-old Chandley pleaded no contest to the charges and admitted she made a bad choice. She also said she lost her job and her home is in foreclosure. Her sob story did little to sway the judge - who asked how she could watch the dogs wither away to skin and bones day after day. Sentence: Judge Mark Mihok sentenced Chandley to 90 days in jail Tuesday after she entered a no contest plea to charges of animal cruelty. Chandley received the maximum fine of $750 on each count for a total of $2,250 and will pay restitution for the vet bills. She is also forbidden to own any animal for five years

Steve Croley, 28, Steve Croley, 38, was sentenced to four months in jail for seven dead dogs from starvation and 12 starving dogs.
Youngstown, OH -- October 2009-- On Oct. 22, seven dead and 12 starving dogs were 
Nitro as he was sent home to his owners.
found at High Caliber K-9, 1516 Coitsville-Hubbard Road. Steve Croley, 28, was arrested that day. He reached a plea agreement in December and pleaded no contest to the animal-cruelty charges. Two housing violations related to the condition of the High Caliber K-9 property were dismissed. Of the restitution Croley must pay, $1,646 is owed to Animal Charity, which rescued emaciated dogs from the property. The other $150 in restitution is payable to the owners of one dog who died. When taken into custody three months ago, Croley told a representative of Animal Charity that he could not afford to feed the animals. After the arrest, dog owners came forward to say they paid him in advance.

Reba, a horse who nearly starved to death last summer in a barn behind a home along with a second dead horse, a dead duck and a decomposed goat and a calf that died a week later
ELYRIA, OH — July 8, 2009 -- 90- day suspended jail sentence for A Grafton Town ship man, Charles Santee, 29, who pled guilty Tues day to a charge of cruelty to animals in the case involving Reba, a horse who nearly starved to death last summer in a barn behind a home on state Route 83. He was ordered to pay the costs of Reba’s care for more than a year, which will likely run into the thousands, said Denise Willis, a humane officer with Friendship Animal Protective League. The pinto mare was found July 8, 2009, in the barn at 18900 state Route 83 along with a second dead horse, a dead duck and a decomposed goat. A calf also was found and rescuers dubbed him Henry, but he died a week later. If Santee doesn’t pay, a 90 day suspended jail sentence will be reinstated, along with a suspended $250 fine. Visiting Elyria Municipal Court Judge John Musson ordered Santee to pay $240 in court costs.

Donald L. Dutiel, NEW LEXINGTON, Ohio, puppy mill owner, has also been charged with rape.
NEW LEXINGTON, Ohio -- Seven central Ohio residents who bought puppies from a Perry County breeder have filed a lawsuit alleging the pups were so diseased that some soon died.Donald L. Dutiel, who runs the Wagon Wheel Ranch on a rural spread near New Lexington, denied the allegation and said he takes good care of the dogs and puppies kept in cages on his property about 60 miles southeast of Columbus.

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