Monday, November 8, 2010

340 Animals Found Dead In Marion County Home

Marion County Animal Services removed 400 living animals and another 340 dead animals from a Reddick home. 

Animal Services say they found everything from dogs, cats, birds, cows, horses and sheep to smaller pets and reptiles residing on the property, which is located at 4632 NW 100th St. 

Officials responded following a complaint followed by a Progress Energy employee, who was fixing a power outage in the area. 

The property owner, Ignacio Dulzaides, 65, wouldn't initially allow Animal Services to enter his home. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission was able to enter the home and confirmed the incredibly poor living conditions since Dulzaides has a license to sell exotic birds. 

Animal Services later obtained a warrant to enter the home, where they found hundreds of both living and dead animals in small cages and crates. 

The Marion County Fire Rescue Hazmat team responded to the scene and declared several of the buildings unsafe to enter without a respirator.

The Marion County Sheriff's Office removed Dulzaides per the Baker Act from the property and placed him into protective custody for a mental evaluation Thursday evening.

Animal Services officials said this case is one of the worst hoarding situations they have ever seen.


OCALA, Fla. -- Many of the nearly 400 animals seized from an Ocala home in April were up for adoption at Marion County Animal Services on Wednesday night.
It was one of the worst cases of hoarding that Marion County Animal Control officials said they had ever seen.
In addition to the hundreds of animals seized, another 350 animals -- dogs, cats, birds, cows, horses, sheep and reptiles -- were found dead all over Ignacio Dulzaides' 50-acre property, animal control officials said.
"They varied from lying out in the yard to decomposing, some left in cages, placed in bags in a freezer," said Elaine Deiorio, of MCAS.
It has been nearly six months since MCAS brought in the animals, filling up two rooms at the shelter.

For details about adopting the rescued animals, visit the Animal Center at 5701 SE 66th St., call 352-671-8700 or visit

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