Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Facebook pictures prompt investigation at Animal Care and Control

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Pictures taken inside Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department’s Animal Care and Control and posted on Facebook have prompted an internal investigation and a reminder about the appropriate use of social media sites.
A former volunteer at Animal Care and Control says it is sad enough the animals are there, but now it appears someone was having fun at their expense.
Animal Care and Control says 65 percent of the animals that come there will be euthanized.
In the first picture, a cat has a cigarette in its mouth, what appears to be earphones in its ears and a knife with an exposed blade between its paws. The caption says:  “Had a little too much fun with a tranquilized feral cat."
In the second picture, someone is holding a kitten with a pen in its mouth. The caption says: "Angry kitty wants to write you a note."
The third picture shows a ferret without hair. The caption says: "Apparently somebody thought it would be fun to Nair Brenna." Nair is a hair removal product.
These pictures were posted to a CMPD Animal Care and Control veterinary technician’s Facebook page.
Animal Care and Control confirms these pictures prompted an ongoing internal investigation.
"It shows a general disrespect for the animals, a general apathy for their jobs, they just don't care,” said former Animal Care and Control volunteer April Amos. "They seem to have fun making animals suffer.”
Animal Care and Control says it is very disappointed and does not condone the act.
The pictures prompted emails to staff about the appropriate use of social media sites, saying don't show work-related activities, including animal pictures.
"All the employees were told because of the pictures,” Amos said.
ACC says a social media policy was already in place and these animal pictures prompted a reminder. 
They say they do all they can to care for each and every animal, and that employees work there because they love animals.

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