Monday, December 27, 2010

Freezing Cold Weather will kill your pet.

"Pets are solely dependent on their human caregivers for safety and comfort — especially so during the winter months," says Adam Goldfarb, director of the Humane Society of the United States' Pets at Risk program.
"Our pets are particularly vulnerable during winter storms and harsh winds."

As a pet owner, what can you do to be sure your furry friends stay toasty this winter.

Don't get a pet to "LIVE OUTSIDE". Mother Nature follows no rules. If you think you are doing any animal a favour while living in the colder regions of the US and Canada just because you feed them here and there- think again. Put yourself in that animals frozen state for a minute if you can. Imagine how distressing spending an entire winter outside without the warmth of shelter would be. If you think cats are resilient YOU ARE Mistaken.

Dog houses should be insulated and provide a warm raised area off of the ground for a dog to rest, no leaks from roof or sides and draft free to provide protection from blowing winds.

Although days may be warm a damp dog is a cold dog, come sundown when the temperatures plummet a damp dog can become a dead dog.

Use your head, If you have no time or concern to care for a pet of any sort; do that pet a favour... Please surrender them to the nearest NO KILL Animal shelter in your area. It is not too much to ask on behalf of the animal. You are all they have in this world.
 If you don't have their very best interests at heart, you should not have them at all. 
For a full List of NO KILL shelters visit;

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