Friday, January 21, 2011

In Memorial Photo's of our Beloved Pets

Hey readers I have started a new project that I really enjoy doing and its turning average photos into a work of art for you to cherish.It is so hard to lose our beloved pets because they become apart of our every day life .
So I want to offer my talent to you for a low fee of 18.00 and 4.00 for shipping  this includes one 8x10 glossy photo shipped to your home ready to frame. .Im sorry to have gone up a few dollars on the price but due to the cost of shipping and printing its just a little more  then I figured it would be.
If your photo is not a good quality photo you will only be able to blow it up to a 5x7 print so in this case you will receive 2 5x7

Photos are edited and wings and a halo is added to your pet. I also add loving words that either I wrote or something  you requested.
I also offer Photo to Art 
Transfer your treasured photo to a work of art for only 25.00 for a 8x10 plus shipping
That includes the photo editing with wings and a halo added to your pets photo.

Here are a few In Memory photos I have done this week Ill post the original print and show you before and after. 

This project is helping animals and
I am donating half my profit to helping homeless pets in my area 
If you are interested in getting one of these In Memory Photos 
email me at

Thank you 

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