Friday, January 21, 2011

Out Foxed: Man Shot By Fox in Belarus

As someone who has always loved foxes, I am struggling to feel sorry for the subject of this story. A man in Belarus was participating in one of the favorite sports of that country (fox hunting) when the fox shot him.
The man had already shot the fox and decide to finish the fun by bashing the fox’s head in with the butt of his gun. That is when the fox fought back, struggled with the man, and hit the trigger of the gun. The man was hit in the leg and the fox escaped. There is a limit, however, of one Belarussian a season for fox hunters.
We have wonderful red and brown foxes in the woods near my house in McLean, Virginia. I consider a great day when I spot one on a walk with Molly. The thought of bashing in its heads with a rifle butt is unthinkable to me.
On another subject, we have our giant Bears banner flying this week outside of my house in anticipation of the Bears v. Sea Hawks game. We are the only family known in Virginia with an actual Bears garden gnome (who comes in for games). I will be serving Sea Hawk chili and Bloody Marys during the game and frankly thinking of Eric Fatla who would have loved the game. I am expected Eric to do his part in working on divine intervention for God’s team.
Source: Yahoo

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