Sunday, May 8, 2011

Alabama Residents have never seen nothing like it and need your support.

Hello my name is Terri Davis Animal Advocate here in Alabama and my heart is torn in more ways then one. I was lucky my home and animals was spared this past week as thousands of families lost their entire life in less then a minute . So many people have died and lost pets. Farmers have lost livestock its just mind blowing. As the tornado come through Tuscaloosa about two hours away I knew it was coming right for us. I sat here in disbelief as I watched it go over Birmingham and take out Pratt City then it kept coming . It hit down in Moody Alabama then it jumped over me here in what use to be Branchville and  went on to totally wipe out Shoal Creek Valley . The loss of life is just unreal . I have been out there on Co. Road 22 and I've seen for my own eyes . I have talked with families and hoped to be able to bring the message to you today. Mothers and children have died ,Fathers. its just more then the heart can bare. On that day I walked up out of the storm shelter we we're in and the storm was right over us baring its ugly face like Satan himself. I knew people where injured and dying and there was nothing I could do. In places its like a war zone that will take years to rebuild. Please keep us in your prayers the amount of help that has came to Alabama is mind blowing but there are so many people that still need emergency help that are being over looked because the amount of damage is so wide spread throughout Alabama .

If you can help please contact red cross

200 tornado's touched down that day with all its fury took out lives and everything in its path 
We need your help !

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