Saturday, October 5, 2013

Rainbow Bridge Collection by Jewelry to Benefit Paws

   In Memory of my dog Babyboy
                          A special collection of Rainbow Bridge Designs by Jewelry to Benefit Paws

Losing a pet can be devastating and the grief experienced after a loss for some is just as emotional 
as losing your human child or family member.  I know all to well this kind of loss so that is why I designed 
a keepsake bracelet for lost pets. I searched for a long time for a piece of jewelry In memory of my dog that past away and could never find anything . I wanted something I could hold on to and look at so after a long time I gave up. Since then after getting back into making jewelry I gave it much thought and decided I would create a Rainbow Bridge keepsake for people that had lost their pet.

I take a lot of pride designing my Rainbow Bridge bracelets. I use the best quality stones and crystals and 
I hand paint a lot of the charms on my designs. 

I can customize any of my designs to fit your need and create you a one of a kind keepsake.
If you would like me to design you a special piece message me on etsy or facebook 

Jewelry To Benefit Paws donated to rescues across the US to help 
raise funds for needy animals. 

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