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Animals in Humane Society killed too quickly?

Posted: May 17, 2010 10:20 PM CDTUpdated: May 17, 2010 10:41 PM CDT
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Columbus County, NC (WECT)- There are claims that animals in Columbus County are killed before they've had time to find homes.
Members of the Animal Rights Group say animals are being killed too quickly in the shelter and not given enough time to find new homes.
But the director of animal control says that is simply not true.
Rossie Hayes says animals that are brought into the shelter in Columbus County are given 72 hours for the owners to come and claim them then they are put up for adoption.
But Pat Lambert with the Columbus County Humane Society disputes that. She says something else is happening.
"What's happening is the animals are brought in Thursday or Friday and they put them down," said Lambert.
Lambert took her fight with Animal Control to the County Commissioners Monday night. She says animals are being euthanized in less than 72 hours and that Rossie Hayes is lying.
"I don't believe anything he is saying because too many people are emailing me about animals and by the time they get there to pick the animal up, the animal is dead," said Lambert.
Hayes admits he doesn't adopt out vicious dogs and he doesn't have the money to save injured animals.
"I don't have anything in my budget, and by law, we have to euthanize it as quick as we get it," said Hayes.
Pat Lambert says its not just inured animals that are put down too quickly; its the stray ones.
Hayes says the Humane Society has the right to pick up strays and to adopt one dog per week from the shelter, but he says he can't remember the last time that's happened.
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