Friday, May 14, 2010

One lady's rescue story that saved lives from Robeson NC

This is a story of a rescue that has touched me greatly.She drove 12 hours just to save a few I didn't know Sherrie but she added me several months ago on face book. I had no idea she was going to Robeson but learned of her mission when she arrived back home.I called to talk with her about how she felt and as she began to talk with me I could here the sadness in her voice.She told me that Robeson was like no place she had ever been. Sherrie said I cried outside and I cried when I got inside. It was just a horrible place to be. Her trip didn't go as smooth as she had planned ,her car broke down and what made it even tougher is she had her 70 year old grand father along for the ride.The building was very hot inside and it wasn't a place you wanted to stay in for a long time . Summer isn't even here yet so I can imagine how bad it gets inside,She decided what animals she was going to take with her and one of the little dogs was so scared "she said' you could tell something wasn't right and even now in her new home she is still very timid.Sherrie was moved to go to North Carolina after viewing the video North Carolina's shame made by the Dog Examiner. The video is very moving and it open's your eyes to the real truth of whats really happening.  
Sherrie also saved two pups in the parking lot at Robeson before they was taken into the shelter.
One of the last things Sherrie told me was "I'm changed" after seeing what I seen & after feeling the way I feel I'm deeply moved and I'm going to make it a mission to return and rescue more.Dont think for one second  that what we do on face book doesn't work because it does. Because of the video Sherrie watched it made her realize something must be done.How inspiring thank you for going and making a change. You are a inspiration to us all. 

Shelley was picked up by Sherrie and transported to her new owner Al. Shelley is a beautiful dog that was pulled from Robeson. This is a happy ending but there's so many more to save. 

Sherri is trying to raise money to return to Robeson, she has had fundraisers in her home just so she can go back and rescue more.. What a heart this lady has please help her and  Thank you ,to Donate please click the link
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furbabies said...

Brava! You are one incredible lady. I personally think that ALL the workers there should be fired and replaced with real animal caregivers. This type of meaningless cruelty just breaks my heart. Thank you for your generosity and caring.