Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dog out of South Carolina beat so bad his eyes had to be removed (Update)

"Sammy showed up as a stray about 10 months ago in Rains, SC. The family there started to feed him and he came around more regularly. He was a great dog that began to trust them and was around all the time. Two days ago he disappeared and when he returned this is how he looked. He has been tortured and both eyes have been punctured. He was taken to a doctor that thinks he was beaten so badly that his eyes burst. He was then taken to the Marion County Shelter to see if there was anything they could do for him. They recalled that someone had called and reported a dog wandering around for the last two days with it’s eyes bulging but no one followed up on it and he suffered for days. "

"This poor boy was brought to the shelter today by a good samaritan that found him and took him to the vet. The vet said someone beat him so hard that his eyes popped out of his head! Surgery to remove his eyes will be around $1,000 and obviously this is an expense they just cannot afford. They desperately want to keep this boy but need help with funds." -Marion County Animal Shelter

Update "A wonderful rescue has offered to step up to help Buddy, the poor boy that was beaten so badly that his eyes popped out of his head. We are so happy that he will be saved and treated."

Sometimes there is a happy ending to a tragic story
 His surgery was done, and he had both eyes removed. He's doing just fine now! :) Lot's of playmates!


Anonymous said...

how can any do such a thing and sleep at night!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am heart breaking for this poor could someone be so cruel, so violent...what is wrong with people??? I can't....I wish I could help this boy. Jo