Thursday, May 6, 2010

My inspiration Maria Daines out of the UK

I have never had the honor to meet this lady thats so far away from me but as i got more involved with animal rights issues I came across a ladies page on the ASPCA online community and there was a song playing the name of it was Regina and for you that know the story behind this dog you know the song is breath taking. I had never heard anyone sing about animal abuse so I was very intrigued so I kept listening. Finally I found her on myspace and I think I sat and listened to everyone of her songs that night. The next song that she wrote was called Karley its about a puppy in California that was brutally killed by a police chief. I was so taken by this I wrote her a year later after becoming her fan and asked her would she please write a song for our babyboy she said it would be a honor to do it.Her music moved me to do many great things including making videos for the voiceless and the victims of animal abuse. Today I would like to pay this fine lady respects for her loyalty and commitment to helping animals world wide. Her songs have brought many of my viewers to tears in the past few weeks and without her music I would not have been able to bring to light the story.

Thank you Maria & Paul for your commitment
Please check her out on her website & just take a listen to all her wonderful music

Marias facebook fan page

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