Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Humane Society coordinated a massive operations, and helped remove hundreds of dogs from Horton's business in November of 2007. It was considered the largest dog rescue operation in America.

"Never Forget "
This story all began in 2007 I wanted to share with you all that has happened.
Judge Turner did not sentence Horton to any jail time. Instead the judge suspended the 12 year sentence and placed him on probation. The judge also suspended most of the fines. Horton was only ordered to pay $250 on each of the 14 counts of animal cruelty and $50 on each of the 25 counts of neglect. Horton was fined $25 for failing to have a license. The fines imposed totaled $4,750. The judge also indicated Horton will be responsible for paying the cost of veterinary care for the dogs when they were seized in a raid last year.  Horton claims he will leave the state and find a place where "you have rights".

The judge left Horton with 250 dogs. But under the new puppy mill law set to take effect in January, 2009, Horton will not be able to operate as a commercial dog breeder under Virginia law because of the convictions and, even if he could, he would be limited to keeping no more than 50 dogs over the age of 4 months.

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