Friday, August 27, 2010


LEBANON, Tenn. – The city of Lebanon might adopt a new ordinance that could lead to a dog being euthanized if it "disturbs the peace" and local pet owners are not happy.
City Councilman William Farmer is trying to pass a city ordinance that would help control dangerous dogs and dogs that cause a nuisance within the city limits.
Michelle Lee, with the animal welfare group New Leash on Life, is opposed to the ordinance.
"I think there are two many issues lumped together in one ordinance. You have issues of dangerous dogs, and then you have [dogs] running at large and disturbing the peace buy excessive barking," she said.
The ordinance would also allow the government to euthanize a dog if the owner does not change its behavior.
Farmer told News 2 that there is some miscommunication regarding that aspect of the ordinance, though.
"Anybody that thinks you can just take your dog and euthanize it because of this ordinance, No. 1, doesn't understand the ordinance," he said.  "There are three steps of due process that protect the dog from being officially harmed."
Farmer said that he loves and owns dogs himself, so the ordinance is written to give animal owners multiple opportunities to correct their pet's behavior before being subject to an order of destruction.
Barking dogs can be annoying in any neighborhood, but the idea of a dog being euthanized, regardless of how many warnings an owner gets, does not sit well with animal lovers.
"I don't think an animal should be euthanized because an owner leaves it outside on a chain for it to bark and disturb the neighbors," said Lee.
Lebanon Mayor Philip Craighead has already vetoed the ordinance.
The veto, however, could be overturned by the city council at their next meeting, which is set for September 7.
"Mr. William Farmer wants to silence Fluffy, permanently."
So, let's let our friends in Lebanon, Tennessee, know that their Mayor deserves a huge shout out for common sense in vetoing this crap the first time and that if this particular segment of the ordinance passes, Lebanon, Tennessee, will be known as the small town with a heart of stone - enough to kill family pets who bark. That should make it hugely attractive to people who might want to move there or employers looking to relocate to a small town with a friendly atmosphere. A few thousand emails from the world at large might remind them that their actions will affect how the world sees them. It may also affect their bottom line if people stop doing business with Lebanon, Tennessee.

As a start, let's send the city councilmen voting on this matter on September 5, 2010, a polite wave of emails reminding them that this ordinance makes them look like a bunch of hillbillies. You can reach them here:

Ward One
Alex Buhler
1003 N. Cumberland
Lebanon, TN. 37087

Ward Two
Kevin Huddleston
224 Sycamore Street
Lebanon, TN. 37087

Ward Three - this one is the sponsor, so be sure to say hi!
William Farmer
406 Martin Ave.
Lebanon, TN. 37087

Ward Four
Joe Hayes
517 Terry Lane
Lebanon, TN. 37087

Ward Five
Haywood Barry
103 Oak Hill Circle
Lebanon, TN. 37087

Ward Six
Kathy Warmath
2032 Blue Ribbon Downs
Lebanon, TN. 37087
Home: 615-449-1907
Work: 449-0045

Remember to be polite, but firm. 

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Patti Knight said...

the way the south feels about animals in gereal is primitative. I will spread the word in Chicago about Lebanon and what they are trying to do. Banning together is the 1st step in attaining change in how humans treat animals.