Thursday, August 5, 2010

THOUSANDS OF DEAD FISH ~Long Beach MS Shocking photos AUG.3,2010

Biloxi, MS just West of the Beau Rivage Casino

A news station had reported that thousands of dead fish had floated up down the road where I was staying with my friend Denise Rednour  So we drove back down there after viewing miles and miles of coastline to find this yucky thick globs of white mess every where along this stretch of beach. Here are the photos I took in the middle of the night. The smell was sickening. I also want to note that 25miles down the road we also seen dead fish washing up .


Dead Fish

This is what the beach looked like at 6:00 am that morning. The beach clean up crew has made the dead fish disappear but not the smell.

Read news story here 


Marilyn Sue said...
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Marilyn Sue said...
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Mindy Mortensen said...

Good job cleanup crew! Thanks for pitching in and cleaning up this awful disaster.