Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Rescue of two baby squirrels 2 days old.

While I was in Long Beach with a long time facebook friend Denise Rednour my daughter and her friend where outside tuesday night and seen something moving in the grass and thought it was mice .To her surprise it was a baby squirrel . They frantically ran in the house to show me and Denise what they had found. A terrible storm had came up the night before and must have blown the nest out of the tree. So while we are figuring out what to do the girls find another baby. So I went outside to find yet another one but it was deceased. We where hoping the momma would show back up that night and retrieve them but she didnt so we brought them with us on our way back home to Alabama and dropped them off at the Oak Mountain wildlife rescue in Birmingham.

One of the babies has a very bad injury to the head and we dont know if that one will make it. Ill keep you updated.

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