Monday, August 30, 2010

Dog chews off own foot to survive (story with updates)

This is Georgia. A beautiful 2 year old German Shepherd who was dumped  in the drop box at the Humane Society in Brewton, AL. Further investigation revealed that she was tethered to a metal chain, got tangled in it, and lost nerve and muscle function in the hind leg that was caught. Eventually the poor baby started to chew on her own leg to be able to escape her confinement.She is now in good hands, being stabilized at the local animal hospital (she is also as you can see rail thin, and anemic due to worms infestation). As soon as her physical condition allows it, she will undergo surgery to amputate her hind leg which can not be saved. Her surgery alone is expected to amount to around $1,500 which is a huge burden on a small rural shelter with limited possibilities. They are awesome people with hearts of gold who try to do everything right by the numerous animals dumped in their lap. Please help them if you can!!!They have just set a donation site which is only going be operational as of tomorrow - 8/20:
(scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and there is a "Donate" button)
Their phone number is 251-867-6860See More
(scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and there is a "Donate" button)
Their phone number is 251-867-6860


Georgia has had her surgery and doing much better

Brave girl, showing so much courage despite what she went through. May she always be surrounded by the most gentle hearts and experience love every day of her life. This story broke my heart, I have much compassion for her. You are a beautiful girl Georgia, you deserve only kindness and love.

Layla was brought into the same shelter as georgia this is her story

Layla is a dog with an iron will to live and she needs your help to do that. Initially wandering the streets fending for herself, she ended up emaciated and parasite infested, in a home who treated her for the parasites and fed her, but then put her on a tether in the backyard. Once she regained her strength, she managed to escape the tether and set out again, only to be hit and dragged by a car. When she came to our shelter hours after being hit, the look in her eyes seemed to say "OK, I give up." But two days of pain meds and antibiotics have given her hope again. That, unfortunately, isn't enough. While no bones are broken, the black places on her chest and side are dying skin and must be removed and skin grafted for Layla to make a recovery. She must also have a caretaker who is willing to care for her during the months that it will take for a full recovery. Layla tried and tried again to find that home that she needs, but she needs our intervention now to make it a reality for her. So many don't make it this far on their own. We find them on the roads and highways dead, the broken chain still dangling from their necks. So many try and fail. Layla made it to us, she tried and got this far, into our shelter, into our arms. Won't you be part of her happy ending? Donate now toward her surgery and care.

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