Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lucian and Lumos almost starved to death in Ohio are doing better

GERMANTOWN, Ohio (WDTN) - A Germantown,  Ohio veterinarian is putting in extra hours trying desperately to save the life of a dog found abandoned and starving. Luv-a-bulls , a dog rescue group took "Lucian," a pit bull mix, and two other dogs to the Germantown Animal Health Centerafter they were found locked in the basement of a Dayton home. Lucian weighed in at 34 pounds.
"On seeing him come up the drive, we thought he was just a dead dog. He was limp and not moving and in just horrible condition, said Dr. Lisa Wood, veterinarian at the health center.
The other two dogs are doing better, and are back in the care of the rescue group. Lucian, however, is still in bad shape. His skin stretches over every bone in his body, and deep grooves mark each of his ribs.
"It's heartwrenching to think what he would have been going through. Shut up in a basement for who knows how long," said Dr. Wood.
Lucian's recovery has been slow.  He stopped eating Aug. 12, and his eyes glazed over. Dr. Wood said she feared he was losing his will to live. She quickly made the decision that she would bring him to her home after hours.
"It was really an emotional decision because in part I felt that he was not improving, that a large part of it was emotional," Dr. Wood said. "He would get visibly upset if he thought someone was going to leave without him."
Over the weekend, his condition improved, and Lucian gained four pounds in three days.
"It's not a lot as far as where he needs to go, but he definitely has so far made some improvements," said Dr. Wood.
Still, Dr. Wood predicts Lucian's chances of survival are 30-40 percent.
His story hit Facebook Aug. 16, and an amazing outpouring has followed.
"[The phones] have been ringing nonstop," said Dr. Wood. "It's been a huge response, really."
The clinic is accepting donations for Lucian's care. In one day alone, more than $2,000 poured in from across the U.S. and Canada. If you'd like to help, you can send a check to the Germantown Animal Center, 1904 Dayton-Germantown Pike, Germantown, Ohio 45327. Or click hereto pay by credit card.

Lucian and Lumos 8/23/2010

Lucian and Lumos are continuing to improve. Lucian is now able to walk outside to "do his business" and he loves lying in the grass soaking up the sun. He loves seeing his brother and giving him kisses. Lumos is almost back to a normal weight. He loves being outside and trying to chase the clinic cats.


MsMuffit2002 said...

GET MAD!!!! GET REALLY MAD AND DEMAND GOVERNOR STRICKLAND CALL A SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE SESSION TO ADDRESS OHIO's ANIMAL ABUSE LAWS. DEMAND IT NOW! DEMAND A FELONY LAW. THERE ARE TWO BILLS WAITING IN COMMITTEE--NITRO'S LAW HB70(sitting in committee for 8 months now) AND McKENZIE'S LAW SB95. THESE DOGS SUFFERING AND ALL THE OTHERS DESERVE MORE THAN 90 DAYS IN JAIL, MORE THAN A MISDEMEANOR. Please email the Governor's Press Secretary, Amanda Wurst amanda.wurst@governor.ohio.gov and Kelly Schlissberg kelly.schlissberg@governor.ohio.gov; Link for contact with Governor Strickland: http://www.governor.ohio.gov/Default.aspx?tabid=153

sharon said...

This is just awful. How could someone do this? This poor dog.

Anonymous said...

Just announced on Dayton TV station. Lucian is walking and eating!