Monday, August 16, 2010


Every week I see a new post about something that has happened in Ohio when It comes to animal cruelty.Did you know this state does not have one felony law to protect mans best friend? Yep thats right no law that will punish abusers you want to know why well Ill try to tell ya. Ohio is the number one state that is a breeding ground for puppy mills so a ton of people are against any law that will punish them for crimes they may commit  against there animals.In the fall of 2008 dogs where laying in their cage starving to death while the owner of High Caliber K-9 slept in his home just yards away from  the kennel.How can people get away with crimes like this . Another case that comes to mind is the Humane Sanctuary in Ohio that was raided Feb 12. The conditions at this place was almost more than I could handle and Ive seen lots of abuse postings.Now today I read about three dogs almost starved to death because the dogs was left there to die.
Last week I read of a cop that left his K-9 dog in a locked unventilated car the dog died. Another story in the media is the dog that was stole then shot in the face the people that took Tyson was caught on video. I ask you how many more horrific story's will come out of Ohio before they pass a law to protect the voiceless??

Most people don't even realize this I know because I didn't when I found out and I was shocked. The only way to get change is to demand it and demand it now. Ive been helping with a case for a few months and if this law passes it will be the first Felony law to protect dogs from being harmed in cases of them being boarded .This will open the door for more laws to protect the entire area where animal are concerned.

If you want to find out how to help please go to Nitros Law Fan page Join and share the links. Thank you

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Rachel Lauren Photography said...

I live in Ohio and I do agree...I think its ridiculous that people can get away with any type of animal abuse here. We need an Ohio SPCA or a similar organization to take care of these things...

Bailey said...

Those horrific stories coming out of that state haven't gone unnoticed. Ohio is Hell if you happen to be an animal.

Vivian Stevenson said...

“I chose to speak up....."the world is an evil place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing. (Unk)" SPEAK UP NOW. TELL GOVERNOR STRICKLAND TO LISTEN TO OHIO CITIZENS AND VOTERS NOW OR IN NOVEMBER WHEN WE EVICT HIM FROM THE GOVERNOR”S MANSION. DEMAND A SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE SESSION BY GOVERNOR STRICKLAND. How? Email the Governor's Press Secretary, Amanda Wurst and Kelly Schlissberg; Link for contact with Governor Strickland:
Sign and Share this petition DEMANDING THE SPECIAL SESSION