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Brusnwick NY dog murderer case

Bobby Clow, Brusnwick NY dog murderer case
We have no way of telling if this dog suffered between gun shots to the head...this is animal cruelty and depraved...
I have great concerns that this lack of felony charges is opening
the door for more animal cruelty. It is sending a clear message that
it is okay to take someone's pet , tie it to a tree and shoot it,
because it will not "suffer" that way. That is giving abusers a
powerful tool to hold over their spouse, or child...thus is
increasing domestic violence incidents....this is giving children a
clear message that hurting someone's pet because you are angry with
them is okay, as long as you shoot the pet for it does not cause
"suffering"..... It is unfortunate that the DA is lacking in the insight
of the link
between animal cruelty and domestic violence....Clow's case will be heard in Grafton the second Tuesday in October which I believe is Oct.12th. This Bobby Clow of Brunswick NY should be charged with felony animal cruelty: Bobby Clow from Brunswick NY , was angry at his 8 month pregnant girlfriend so he tied her dog (an innocent family pet) to a tree & shot it 3 times in the head with a 44 Magnum, & then bragged- This is depraved cruelty & falls under felony animal cruelty-but the DA is not receptive to the charge under Buster's law.
this should be a felony charge. /

We need a huge letter writing huge as possible...Please take the time to write a polite and factual, respectful letter and mail it..we are the only voice for these animals....we need to make this impact of the connection of animal cruelty and domestic violence...this dog died a needless death and it was depraved cruelty....this was power of an abuser over his pregnant girlfriend...Please take a moment and write a letter, and purchase a 44cent stamp-it will be well worth the while, let's not let this dog's death be in vain.....
District Attorney Richard McNally
80 Second Street
Troy NY 12180
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A Rennselaear County man under arrest for killing his girlfriend's dog and now the death is having a devastating effect on others in the community. It's a news 10 exclusive. Good evening, and thank you for joining us I'm Elissa Streeter and I'm Lydia Kulbida.

Police say it all started as a fight between a man and his girlfriend and ended with an innocent pet dead. Now that man is facing charges and in the story you will only see on news 10. Our Anya Tucker will show us how the death is devastating to not only to those who lived with the dog but also a local disabled man

"She was a beautiful dog, she didn't deserve this, I'll tell you that"
Wayne DeNalius is talking about Daisy the dog. Wayne who's been wheelchair bound for four years says he looked forward to every visit with Daisy but today came shock and tradegy when he found out that Daisy was found shot dead.
"This is Wrong..this is very wrong" Jill O'Dell discovered Daisy in the woods behind her home. "I followed the tracks if you can see through here and the dog was tied to a tree there with her ears up. just shot in the head three times.
You know, people need to know they can't do this to animals people cared about this dog . If you're that upset don't take her out and shoot her like that and the fact she was tied to a tree, she had no where to go.

The man who police say killed Daisy Bobby Clow of Brunswick Clow's landlord O'Dell says Clow killed the dog after an argument with his girlfriend and he didn't bury her, he left her right out there.
Odell who works with the disabled introduced Wayne to Daisy. The two became fast friends
Pictures show their bond together. It was today though that Wayne learned what happened to one of his best friends.

"Anybody that hurts an animal especially one as sweet as that, there is something very very wrong with him. You're lucky I'm in a wheelchair, ill tell you that."
For Daisy's death, Clow is now facing three misdemeanor charges including animal cruelty.
He's expected back in court at the end of this month.

In Brunswick, Anya Tucker News 10.

Now State Police tell us Clow was not charged under Buster's Law which makes animal cruelty a felony because they say the law requires proof of torturing an animal. They said that did not apply in this case.
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