Thursday, September 30, 2010

Woman gets year in prison in dog's dragging death

DENVER — A Colorado woman who pleaded guilty to being an accessory in the dragging death of a dog has been sentenced to a year and a day in prison.
Thirty-three-year-old Melissa Marie Lockhart was sentenced Friday in Denver federal court.
Her brother, Steven Clay Romero, pleaded guilty to animal cruelty after investigators said he dragged the dog to its death behind a pickup. He was sentenced in July to three years in prison.
Lockhart was accused of lying to investigators about the incident.
Prosecutors say Lockhart and Romero stole the dog, named Buddy, in December from a family in the town of Delta. They say Romero dragged Buddy on a road in the Colorado National Monument after he and Lockhart blamed it for killing a kitten.

This is worth reading, reading again if you have already read it. Details to the investigation that led to the arrest of Romero and Lockhart....

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