Sunday, August 9, 2015

British Prince Joins the Fight Against Poachers

The death of Cecil the Lion King has rallied princes and strong men and women to rally behind the banner of animal protection. DailyMail has reported that Prince Harry recently joined the fight against poachers, flying to Kruger Park reserve to confront poachers in an epic shoot out with two poachers along the Crocodile River. One poacher was injured and the prince's rangers recovered a high-power rifle and silencer. The army unit also called on helicopter and drones with thermal imaging to spot poachers and coordinate their arrests. 

It is reported that up to 40 poachers cross the border from Mozambique to poach in Kruger park every year. Major Reneral Johan Jooste considers this as a declaration of war by armed foreign criminals on South Africa and they will do all they can to win it. 

This is great news for the animals as the international community is stepping up to protect endangered species and take out poachers.

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