Sunday, August 9, 2015

Cecil the Lion researcher opposes hunt ban

The Zimbabwean researcher who followed Cecil the lion for nine years, and was the one who discovered he had been killed, says he opposes a ban on hunting.
There has been an international outcry over the killing of Cecil and calls for hunting to be stopped, but the money raised by hunters helps keep the parks in business.



(In Memory of Cecil The Lion)
Where once you roamed a gentle soul,
With a fierce face and eyes of coal,
But ever still the beast you were,
Like a loving king in a lions fur.
You gave a smile to a world in awe
And shouted back with a gentle roar,
Then raised your Cubs on the barrow land
Where human sit and lions stand.
But now you’ve gone just time remains
And human hands show bloody stains
So goodnight Cecil and rest in peace,
You remain a king in a Golden Fleece.
~ Peter D Hehir
When will we learn that this world is not our…
RIP to the King of The Lions
For more information about Cecil visit his website at

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