Thursday, August 5, 2010

Two Baby Squirrels lived for over 3 days but died after Animal Wildlife Center did not do what they said they would do.

We took two Squirrels  to the Alabama Wildlife Center .Here are the facts

The first thing they told me was they dont take mammals ,this is the first sign that I shouldn't have left them there.They told me they would get them to the Wild Mammal Care . So In my opinion these people where doing what they said they would do (get them help).

They took the babies to the back and asked me to fill out paperwork. So today I called the Wild Mammal Care to ask them how was the babies and she had  not gotten a call from Alabama wildlife Center .Now my question is why would they not call the "Wild Mammal Care" since they do not care for mammals any more????

Someone called me back this afternoon from  the Alabama Wild life Center and said to me the babies  didnt make it through the night. Well for Christ sake people Babies 3 days old have to be fed every two hours.

I am very ,very upset  I know one of the babies chances was slim but these people need to do what they say they are going to do or not except mammals at all if they no longer are getting funding to do so.

Also its terrible heart breaking when you think you are doing the right thing and its not.

I will never support the Alabama Wildlife Center because they have miss represented themselves

here is there address
Alabama Wildlife Center
100 Terrace Drive
Oak Mountain State Park
Pelham Al. 35124

There website needs to be updated  this is very miss leading


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