Sunday, May 8, 2011

After Alabama tornadoes, dogs seek homes in Fort Worth TX.

This photo spoke volumes to me today as I came across this photo 
I call it 
 I survived The Alabama Tornado of 2011 in Tuscaloosa

FORT WORTH -- After a 15-hour trip from Alabama, 6-month-old Adele wants to join a Texas family.
A mix of border collie and Labrador retriever, Adele was among about 85 dogs evacuated to Fort Worth this week because of the April 27 tornadoes that tore through the Southeast, destroying hundreds of homes.
All the dogs were already available for adoption at animal shelters in Tuscaloosa and Birmingham, Ala. But after the tornadoes hit, the dogs needed to be moved to make space for lost or injured dogs while officials work to reunite pets with owners, said Stephanie Wilson, a clinic technician and foster transport coordinator at the Greater Birmingham Humane Society.
For now, the dogs are under the care of the Humane Society of North Texas and are available for adoption.
Charles Thompson, who works in the Fort Worth group's animal cruelty and rescue department, brought a load of dogs from Tuscaloosa to Fort Worth on Sunday. On Tuesday, Kay Mayfield, executive director of the Austin-based Texas Animal Resource Team, transported a second load from Birmingham in a 36-foot climate-controlled trailer.
The Alabama dogs are being housed together in a newly renovated room at the Fort Worth shelter. Officials there gave names to dogs without monikers. Ten canines have already been adopted.
To help others find new homes, the society is taking some dogs to adoption events at Mayfest. Others, including Adele, are being transferred to the Southwest Adoption Center, said Shelly Meeks, adoptions coordinator.
"It makes my heart feel good when they leave," Meeks said. "I've been calling them the 'Alabama 85.' I would like it to be the 'Alabama zero.'"
Jessamy Brown, 817-390-7326

I want to send out a "Huge thank you"
to all the sister states that have come to our aid in this 

So to all of North Texas come adopt today and add them on facebook


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